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Quality imaging requires accurate scanning.

We offer accurate scanning for color slides, larger transparencies and Black & White films. WE DO NOT SCAN COLOR NEGATIVES.

Scans are fully color-managed and delivered with embedded ICC profiles.

Files are delivered on CDR or DVD, as required. FTP is available at nominal charge.

Scanning Services


Film Scanning Services & Pricing


File Size Calculator

File Size
Will Be
File Size
Will Be

About Files: Scan files are in RGB color space and have three color channels.
A grey scale file has only one color channel and is 2/3 smaller.
A CMYK file has four color channels and is 1/3 larger.


Professional Scans

Durst Sigma film scans provide a powerful solution to the need for high quality at moderate price.

You get near-drum-scan accuracy from 35mm, 120, 220 and 4x5 films at much lower prices.

All scans are saved in the Adobe1998RGB color space.

  •  Custom scans are spotted and adjusted for color accuracy and
    exceed most printing needs.

  •  Raw scans are not spotted or color adjusted.
    You do your own spotting and color adjustments.

RGB File Size



1-25 MB



26-50 MB



51-100 MB



101-200 MB



201-300 MB



301-400 MB



Call for quantity pricing.

  Typical File Sizes at Scanner's Optical Resolutions

Film Formats

1588 ppi

2540 ppi

2822 ppi

3175 ppi

4232 ppi


10 MB - - 38 MB 68 MB


35 MB - 110 MB 139 MB -


43 MB - 136 MB 172 MB -


190 MB 320 MB - - -
Available Sigma Optical Resolutions (dpi):
35mm Format:  
529, 1058, 1587, 2116, 3175, 4232
120 Format:   397, 794, 1210, 1588, 1954, 2822, 3175
4x5 Format:   318, 635, 941, 1270, 1588, 1954 , 2540


Web Scans

Sigma Web scans are moderate resolution, auto-adjusted sRGB scans from slides and strips of film for a wide variety of uses. File size depends on film format.





35mm 1500x2250 1-3 MB 8-9 MB
120-4.5x6 1282x1750 1-3 MB 6-7 MB
120-6x6 1750x1750 1-3 MB 8-9 MB
120-6x7 1750x2155 1-3 MB 10-11 MB
120-6x9 1750x2467 1-3 MB 12-13 MB


4.00 each


6.00 each

Please call for quantity discounts.





Normal Turnaround and Rush Services

48 hours turnaround is our standard for reasonable quantities but some orders will take longer.
Reasonable quantity depends on the original format, the scan specs and the quantity.
We'll always do our best to provide the fastest turn possible that's consistent with quality work.

Which film scan service is best for me?

Choosing the right film scanning solution can be tricky because there are no numbers or firm rules to guide your choice. Both our film scanners are the best of their kind.

The Durst Sigma offers terrific quality at a low price and is arguably the most advanced CCD scanner available. It captures color very accurately along with most of the printable highlight and shadow detail without noise and is eminently suitable for most film scanning needs. The film chip is held by masks, so there is a slight loss of image area (about 1/16") at the edges and only standard formats like 35mm, 4.5x6, 6x6, 6x7, 6x9 and 4x5 can be scanned.

Scans saved CDR or DVD -- or FTP delivery for a nominal charge.

Scans are normally saved to CDR.  We will save to DVD for very large jobs, at our discretion.

For ASAP delivery, we can upload reasonable amounts of scan data to our FTP site for faster retrieval for a nominal charge of $20 per order. Please call our digital department for information.


Custom ICC profiles for accurate color management

We create custom ICC profiles for our scanners using calibrated targets and X-Rite Spectrophotometric instruments to assure the most accurate scanning possible.

The latest ICC-profile compliant software from Durst and Aztek insures that all colors are captured as precisely as modern scanning technology will allow. We can accurately scan either negatives or transparencies.

Why do we offer Raw Scans?

Many clients want to make their own final corrections to the image files.
Raw scans allow them that freedom and also save money.

What is scanner optical resolution?

All scanners offer certain fixed resolutions, called optical resolutions, that are dictated by the layout of their scanning sensors. Each optical resolution will produce a specific file size from a film format because the area being scanned (film format), the optical resolution and the file size are mathematically linked. For file sizes that are in between those provided by the optical resolutions, the scanner will operate at the closest optical resolution then use it's software to interpolate (enlarge or reduce) the file to reach the desired size.

What is the difference in 8-bit and a 16-bit color?

RGB color scans have three channels: red, green & blue. An 8-bit channel uses 256 colors, creating 16.7 million possible colors for each pixel (3 channels=256x256x256=16,700,000). A 16-bit channel uses 65,536 colors for each color for a total of 281 trillion possible colors.

The human eye can only discern 10 million colors so 8-bit color is more than enough to cover what we can see and 8-bit files are the industry standard. 16 bit color is overkill, to say the least.

That being said, our Aztek and Cruse scanners do scan in 16 bit color and the Sigma scans in 14 bit color. The scans are then converted to 8 bit files but retain additional quality because they originated as 16 bit.

Should I ever use a 16-bit scan?

After making thousands of beautiful photographic prints we feel that 16-bit color files add nothing to the printing accuracy but they do double the file size and add to digital overhead. Some people with other kinds of scanners may feel differently, especially with less capable scanners that do not perform as well as ours.

Some digital cameras use 16-bit capture to maximize accuracy with their CMOS or CCD sensors. The final files, though, will not benefit and should be saved as 8-bit color.

You may find a rare situation where a 16-bit color file is helpful so we do offer 16-bit scans at an additional charge. Please call for more information and we will be happy to discuss your needs.