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Shipped orders, simple or complex, require careful packing and reliable carriers.

We want your shipment to arrive quickly, safely and at reasonable cost so we use sturdy custom boxes, tubes & crates with your choice of several carriers.

Small quantities of our custom tubes and boxes are also available for purchase at reasonable cost.

Current Options

  Flexible Shipping Solutions & Policies

Shipping needs vary widely so we ship daily by UPS, US Postal Service, FedEx, DHL
and trucking lines.

We do not use "flat-rate" shipping fee schemes that overcharge some customers and undercharge others. Total shipping cost has two parts:

Part 1.  The packing & handling charge.... charged as a line item on the invoice.

Part 2.  The carrier's fee... displayed in the "Shipping" box on the invoice.

UPS Ground shipping is standard.

We save your shipping preference in your master record and use it until you notify us of a change.

Rollable orders are shipped in tubes when possible, to save you money, unless flat shipping is requested.

Insurance. Replacement value insurance is available for print orders.
Carriers will not insure original art or film because the value is too subjective.

We sell our custom tubes and boxes in small quantities for your convenience. Onsite pick-up only.


  Part 1. Packaging & Handling Fees   (does not include carrier's fees)

Packaging and handling costs are based on the specific custom packaging needed to prepare your order for safe shipping. ADD CARRIER FEES for total shipping expense.

   Heavy Duty Tube packaging   

   Flat Print Box packaging  

Sturdy, reusable custom tubes usually cost less to ship than flat boxes.

Useful for prints 20x24 and over.

4 x 27 .....   9.25

4 x 39 .....   9.75

4 x 52 ..... 10.50

5 x 64 ..... 12.75

5 x 78 ..... 15.50

Sturdy, reusable custom boxes hold photo and art prints flat.

Many customers prefer flat shipping.

12x15x1 .....   5.67

17x24x1 .....   7.00

21x25x2 .....   9.65

25x31x2 ..... 12.15

25x37x2 ..... 13.15

31x41x2 ..... 14.80

38x52x4 ..... 21.00

   Standard Box packaging 

We have too many options to list completely. These are a few typical packaging sizes.

6 x 6 x 6 .....   5.41

8 x 4 x 4 .....   5.45

9 x 12 x 3 ..... 5.71

   Film Order packaging 

Film is well protected in slide boxes, short tubes and cardboard flats.

Prep & packaging orders up to $50 .....  4.75

Prep & packaging orders $51 - $100 .....  5.75

Prep & packaging orders over $100 .....  6.25



  Part 2. Carrier's Shipping Fees

We'll get you the best rates possible but it's impossible to list carriers' rates for so many shipment types, sizes, weights and destinations. Rates also change frequently.

Domestic. Carrier preference often depends on the customer's location; no carrier has proven infallible. We recommend services that allow shipment tracking.

International. 2-3 days is considered "priority" shipping; overnight is not possible. Accurate declaration of value is required and customs clearance adds more time.