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Nashville Graphic Artists & Designers

Important! We provide this list for your convenience. Chromatics cannot assure competence.

        To be included or make changes, email your information in the page's verbal style to Mike Borum.


Ryan Alexander - Graphic Design, Photography

Company: Alexander Creative  Website:

Phone: 615.785.5967  Email:

Specialties: Graphic Designer specializing in print media. Photographer and Illustrator for iStockphoto. Available for freelance.

Jami Anderson - Graphic Design

Company: JamiDesign  Website:

Phone: 615.480.5347  Email:

Specialties: CD packaging and CD cover design, artist and business website design, logo & identity Design, print, flash
and web design, event and centerpiece design

Berklee Bowers - Graphic Design

Company: Berklee Design   Website:

Phone: 919.815.1085  Email:

Specialties: Graphic designer specializing in print work & illustration: logo & identity, brochures, posters, packaging, ads, etc. Trained as a designer and fine artist. Available for freelance.

Jesh Buntin - Animator

Company: The Drawing Dragon   Website:

Phone: 615.207.0349  Email:

Specialties: Flash, After Effects, Storyboarding, Visual development, 2D animation, Final Cut Pro, Illustrator, Photoshop, Lunchbox Sync DV, Script writing, Sculpting

Gwen Canfield - Graphic Design

Company: Creative Instinct   Website:

Phone: 615.945.9296  Email:

Specialties: Corporate Branding, Marketing Materials, Web Design

Mitch Canter - Graphic Design

Company: Studio Nash Vegas   Website:

Phone: 615.512.02838   Email:

Specialties: Print Design, Logotype & Identity Design, Advertising & Marketing, Digital Art, Content Management,
Web Design

Felicia Chinelo - Graphic Design

Company: Chinelo Designs   Website:

Phone: 888-440-8658   Email:

Specialties: Personal graphic design and corporate/small business website design; brochure design.

Royce DeGrie - Graphic Design, Photography, Illustration

Company: DeGrie Photo & Creative   Website:

Phone: 615.238.7208   Email:

Specialties: 14 years experience in advertising related design, specializing in print media. Photographer & Illustrator for Getty Images and iStockphoto.

Dan Eggenschwiler - Graphic Design + Marketing, Photography

Company: Eggenschwiler Design   Website:

Phone: 616.403.2081   Email:

Specialties: A creative yet detail oriented graphic designer specializing in print and branding.  I love logo and visual identity development, packaging, brochures, annual reports, etc., and also do a lot of website design.  Given my background in photography and English, I also can help with photos and copywriting.

Tony Elovitz - Website Design

Company: Tony Elovitz Consulting   Website:

Phone: 615.418.7972   Email:

Specialties: Website design, UX & Interface Design, Graphic Design, CAD

Todd Engel - Graphic Design

Company: Engel Creative   Website:

Phone: 615.399.8005   Email:

Specialties: Corporate & Web design, Video production

Rita Frizzell - Graphic Design

Company: Dakini Graphics   Website:

Phone: 615.463.2374   Email:

Specialties: Agency quality work at freelance rates. Over 20 years of expertise in creating fresh, intelligent advertising & design. Print & TV Advertising, Print Collateral, Annual Reports, Brochures, Books, Corporate Identity,  Packaging, Website Design. Portfolio on website.

Jeff Freeman - Designer/Web Developer

Company: Simply Visible   Website:

Phone: 615.294.5175   Email:

Specialties: 12 year veteran specializing in identity branding, print communications,  web development and marketing collaboration. Also have artistic skills - painting(watercolor), drawing(dry media). Available for freelance.

S.A.Habib - Graphic Design

Company: Locomotion Creative   Website:

Phone: 615.327.4647  Email:

Specialties: Advertising, marketing and design for print and interactive including branding, packaging, identity, ads, catalogs, collateral, Web sites, illustration and more. we believe branding is most successful when agency and client pull together, when our strengths as marketing strategists and creative thinkers are coupled with our client’s experience and market knowledge. Our people work directly with clients to shorten the lines of communications and accelerate great branding.

Vicki Hardy - Graphic Design, Photography

Company: Vicki Hardy Design   Website:

Phone: 615.415.5086   Email:

Specialties: Graphic design for print including catalogs, brochures, ads, posters, CD's, websites. Product photography for print and web

Sara Lee Hayes Design - Graphic Design

Company: Sara Lee Hayes Design   Website:

Phone: 216.233.8345   Email:

Specialties: Graphic Designer specializing in advertising design and layout, logo & brand identity, print design, sign design, shirt design, direct mail, brochures, product packaging, point of purchase design, catalog and page layout and more.

Nancy Heathman - Graphic Design

Company: Cage Free Graphics   Website:

Phone: 615.308.0414   Email:

Specialties: Skilled graphic designer and illustrator with a full knowledge of print design as well as a working knowledge of web design.  Comfortable communicating with vendors, clients and team members.

Deann Hebert - Graphic Design, Artist

Company: Deann Designs   Website:

Phone: 615.293.3035   Email:

Specialties: Print, Art, versatile

Jonathan Hobson - Graphic & Web Design, Photography, Retouching

Company: Vizarti Studios     Website:

Phone: 615.479.5078   Email:

Specialties: Graphic and Web Designer specializing in Flash and HTML, Wordpress Customization, Logos, Corporate Identity, Print and Online Ads, and more.  Available for photo retouching & manipulation with competitive rates.

Christian Holihan - Graphic Design

Company: Holihan Design   Website:

Phone: 615.289.2341   Email:

Specialties: Identity development, CD Packaging, Advertisements, and Brochures.

Derek Kimball - Graphic Design

Company: DesignBuddy   Website: 

Phone: 615.425.6851     Email:

Specialties: Print design (flyers, posters, albums, etc), logo & identity design, image touch up, web design.

James LaCroix - Graphic Design

Company: LaCroix Design Co.   Website: 

Phone: 615.852.5320     Email:

Specialties: Branding, Logo, Corporate Identity, Print Campaigns & Collateral, Website Design & Development, Online Marketing Campaigns, Web Application Design & Development

Erica Lampley - Photography & Graphic Design

Company: Erica Lampley 9Design + Photography)   Website: 

Phone: 615.957.8689     Email:

Specialties: Photography - including vogue, professional, and lifestyles; print design - stationery (invitations/announcements/greeting cards, etc.), posters, cd packaging, book/magazine covers, editorial lay

Dan McDonald - Graphic Design

Company: Mad Rabbit Solutions   Website: 

Phone: 615.943.6723     Email:

Specialties: 14+ years in graphic design specializing in print design, logo design, corporate branding & responsive website design. Print jobs include brochures, flyers, booklets, direct mail or any other marketing materials.

Melissa A. Martin - Interaction Design/User Experience Research

Company: MM Design Services   Website: 

Phone: 415.269.2726 (SanFrancisco)     Email:

Specialties: Specialize in brand and identity development, publication design, web design, user experience research and illustration. Portfolio at

Anthony Matula - Brand Design, Photography, Post Production Retouch

Company: Anthony Matula   Website: 

Phone: 615.424.9799  Email:

Specialties: Photography + Post production, logo & corporate identity design, packaging design, print ads, brochures, website design

Jeff Maynard - Graphic Design

Company: Modern art Advertising   Website: 

Phone: 615.851.2882   Email:

Specialties: Creative services, 20 years experience, all industries

Katie Merchant, Brent Scoggins, Shayne Trosdahl - Graphic Design

Company: Chernobylization   Website: 

Phone: 615.519.6964   Email:

Specialties: logo & corporate identity design, packaging design, print ads, brochures, illustration & poster design.

Lora Moore - Graphic Design

Company: Self-Propelled   Website: 

Phone: 615.356.6800   Email:

Specialties: Logos, Brand Identity, Brochures, Print Ads, Posters, Flyers, Direct Mail, Outdoor Advertising, etc. Experienced, creative, dependable, affordable, 100% bona fide, freelance Art Director/Graphic Designer. (20 + years).

Kelly O'Neill - Graphic Design, Artist

Company: Kelly O'Neill - Artist of Life   Website: 

Phone: 615.419.6616   Email:

Specialties: Print, Art, versatile

Kim Russell - Graphic Design

Company: Wahoo Designs   Website:

Phone: 615.673.6797   Email:

Specialties: Print, versatile

Chad Sawyer - Graphic Design

Company: Chad Sawyer Designs   Website:

Phone: 615.405.0530   Email:

Specialties: Art Direction, Print Design, Photography and Illustration

Rick Schrand - Agency

Company: Broadsword Productions   Website:

Phone: 615.812.2705   Email:

Specialties: Advertising/Marketing, Illustration, 3D design & animation

Joe David Smith - Graphic Design

Company: Art Dude Design Studio   Website:

Phone: 615.349.2832   Email:

Specialties: Graphic arts, design, creative services, web tech design, art direction

Joel Smythe - Graphic Design

Company: The Graphics Lab  Website:

Phone: 615.595.7740   Email:

Specialties: Web, Print, Packaging

Dieter Spears - Graphic Design

Company: INHAUSCREATIVE  Website:

Phone: 615.627.1270   Cellphone: 615.573.2580   Email:

Specialties: Large format design, web design, 3d modeling, all the standard graphics stuff

Sara Sukalec - Graphic Design

Company: Sukalec Designs  Website:

Cellphone: 618.923.3252   Email:

Specialties: Graphic Design for Small-Medium businesses. 10 years of experience designing Logos and Brand Identity, Print and Online Marketing Collateral, Wordpress Customization and More.

Shayne Trozdol - Graphic Design

Company: HMS Trozdol Design Co.  Website:

Phone: 615.554.7285   Cellphone: 615.430.9338     Email:

Specialties: Logo & corporate identity design, packaging design, print ads, brochures, illustration, web design, scripting and databases

Amber Leigh Turner - Graphic Design

Company: January Creative  Website:

Cellphone: 615.544.5010    Email:

Specialties: Identity design, logo design, print design, printing services, web design and development, web hosting, marketing, consulting.

David Jon Walker - Graphic Design

Company: Rhealistic Design, Mass Media Group  Website:

Phone: 615.582.7219   Cellphone: 615.268.7219   Email:

Specialties: Print design, including logos, advertisements, brochures and catalogs, signage and direct mail
pieces, web design, video production and promotional items

Jon Weindruch - Web Design

Company: Websults LLC  Website:

Phone: 615.469.1351  Email:

Specialties: Website Design, WordPress, Flash Animation, Web Hosting

Patrick Widen - Graphic Design

Company: Human Driven Design  Website:

Phone: 615.310.4086  Email:

Specialties: Product, Logo, Web, Advertising & Packaging Design, Consumer Research, Experience & User-interface Design, Design Consulting, Copyrighting, Marketing Strategy, Touchpoint Solutions, Social Media Strategies

Rob Williams - Design, Photo Retouching & Photography

Company: Rob Williams Design  Website:

Phone: 615.686.4568  Email:

Specialties: Award-winning graphic designer with over ten years of experience in creating logo & corporate identity design, print ads, brochures and editorial layout.