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Giclee Prints

Prints on media up to 64" wide using Epson's Ultrachrome-Pro inks

We print fine art papers and canvas from your artwork and files
using Epson's most advanced art printers.

An ICC-profiled workflow insures amazing color fidelity from our art scans
and accurate prints from your own color-managed files.

We're flexible... call for detailed assistance with custom projects.



HAHNEMUHLE - Premium quality,  selection,  consistency

William Turner 190 & 310
Fine Art Baryta
Fine Art Pearl

Photo Rag Bright White
Photo Rag UltraSmooth
Photo Silk Baryta
Special projects? Just call.



BREATHING COLOR - Premium quality & consistency

Lyve Aqueous Canvas - archival certified, satin lacquer coating

Urth Solvent Canvas - satin finish, incredible detail.

Canvas stretching


8.5x11 Direct Proofs with faint watermarks are available from your "print-ready" files
on any of our papers or canvas. Paper proof - $10.00. Canvas proof - $20.00

Direct Prints For customers wanting full control of their printed output and use advanced color management techniques.
Your "print-ready" files are printed exactly as received, with no adjustments.
Make sure your image files are color-managed, correctly sized and proportioned and that you're
satisfied with your artistic adjustments.

Custom Prints Our experienced technicians size, crop and adjust each image individually for pleasing color reproduction.
They're available from files, film or artwork (scans are additional cost).
Approval proofs, if desired, are available at reasonable cost. Subjective adjustments may incur additional testing charges.

Gallery Set-up Service provides a critically color-adjusted master file from artwork
for very critical reproduction and other situations that require collaboration with the artist.

Typical customers need especially accurate color matching to their original art.
Copying artwork begins with Cruse-Synchron Scan. Printing from film begins with a precise image scan.

After adjusting for the most accurate reproduction possible, we provide an approval test.
Additional tests required to meet subjective changes are available at reasonable cost.

We store the finished files for future reprinting.


We use high-quality wood with tightly glued, braded joints and bracing as needed.

Standard: 5/8" x 1-3/8"  - For smaller canvas

Heavy Duty: 1-1/5" x 2 "  - For larger canvas and Edge-Wraps

Color-Wrap:   examples

To create a color-wrap, the outer 2" of the composition is copied, reversed and repeated on the sides of the frame for a continuous image appearance.

The original composition is not cropped.

Gallery-Wrap:   examples

The outer 2" of the composition is wrapped around the sides of the stretcher frame.

The original composition is cropped by the amount wrapped around the edges.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Giclee Printing?

Giclee is fine resolution, art quality ink-jet printing. With Giclee prints, artists and photographers have new choices like canvas and fine art papers for reproducing their images. Use Giclee prints anytime you want to sell a traditional fine art appearance. The quality can be amazing! 

What is Color-Wrap?

Color-wrap is a digital image modification that extends, reverses and seamlessly repeats the outer 1.75 inches of the original composition to wrap around the sides of our premium canvas stretcher. This makes a very attractive presentation with no additional frame.  VIEW SAMPLES

There are two costs, in addition to normal canvas stretching, associated with color-wrapping:

  1. a one-time setup fee for modifying the image file, and

  2. Additional printing cost. Color-Wrapping adds 4" to the width and 4" to the length of the printed area. Depending on the original size, the area printed will be 20%-100% larger than a normal print.

What is Gallery-Wrap?

Gallery-wrap uses the outer 1.75" (all around) of the image to wrap around the stretcher. It requires careful planning by the artist because the wrapped area is lost from the face of the artwork, thereby cropping the composition. Unless the original composition will be acceptable after cropping, this option is not desirable.   VIEW SAMPLES

Gallery wrap works best when you plan the composition to allow for the loss of image from the face to the sides of the stretcher. 

Cost: Gallery-Wrap adds 4" to the width and 4" to the length of the printed area. Depending on the original size, the area printed will be 20%-100% larger than a normal print. The stretching cost remains the same.

How do I get Color-Wrap or Gallery-Wrap?

Two ways:

Order the appropriate wrap modification. Color-wrap and Gallery-wrap are available for all our Giclee services.
Cost of the wrapping option varies with print size. Please ask for a custom quote.

If you are preparing your own digital files, provide 2 inches of image around the perimeter of your artwork. Remember that the Giclee Canvas print cost is determined by the final size of the printed area that includes the "color-wrap" border.

Will we stretch art canvases that we did not print?

We currently do not stretch canvases we did not print simply because we lack the extra time and manpower.

Can we "re-stretch" canvases that have been removed from their frames?

Probably not but we may be able to recommend a reliable supplier to handle this for you.

Why offer three different Giclee services?

Print projects can have many different starting points, from raw computer files to valuable framed artwork. People's need for color accuracy varies, too. Our different services address those needs. 

Who uses each different service?

Direct Giclee Print Service is for customers who can provide files that are fully color-managed and ready to print.

Custom Giclee Print Service is used primarily by photographers who need canvas or art paper prints from film and non-color-managed files and by artists who need artwork reproductions without critical color matching.

Gallery Giclee Print Service is used primarily by artists with who need critically-matched reproductions of canvas or watercolor originals.

Poster Print Service is used by customers needing posters of their work in small quantities at a manageable up-front cost.

What printers do we use?

We use Epson P10000 and P20000 printers with Ultrachrome-Pro inks for the widest possible color range and archival stability.

Does color match my artwork?

We cannot guarantee exact color matches in every case but very close, if not near-perfect, matches are usually possible using our sophisticated color management techniques. Regardless, some art dyes, pigments, color brighteners, surface textures and overlays can cause unexpected color variations.

We recommend that commercial artists who routinely sell their work should test their color pallet for satisfactory reproduction before proceeding with important projects. Contact us for a consultation and reduced pricing on a test.

How long will Giclee prints last?

The short answer is: ours will last much longer than a lifetime.

We use Ultrachrome Pro Inks in carefully chosen ink/media combinations that are proven to provide the widest possible color gamut life while extending print life under normal indoor display conditions, away from direct sunlight or harsh fluorescent light.

Our canvas prints, with ClearStar® liquid coatings that block UV light, are projected to be fade-free for 100+ years. Satin coating is standard. This time consuming extra step is costly and ignored by many printers.

Fine Art Paper prints are projected to be color-stable for 100+ years without any coatings.

What is included in each different print service?

  Direct Giclee

  1. Load customer's file.

  2. Print Giclee.

  Custom Giclee

  1. Scan film or open customer-provided file.
    (Scan artwork if necessary at extra cost.)

  2. Adjust image for a normal appearance.
    (Non-critical color matching for artwork.)

  3. Print Giclee.

  Gallery Giclee

  1. Scan art or film or open customer-provided file.

  2. Optimize and test file to match art, film or sample.

  3. Print approval test.

  4. Consult customer.

  5. Make final adjustments.

  6. Print Giclee.

  7. Archive final file at Chromatics for reprints.

What about other sizes and larger quantities?

Prices for in-between sizes are prorated between the standard sizes. Sizes having dramatic height to length ratios (for instance, a 10"x30") may have to be custom quoted. Larger sizes are available. Please call.

What about matting and stretching?

Art paper: We add about 1" of border around the image.  Example: the overall (finished) size of an 18x22 art paper print is 20x24, including the border.

Canvas: We add 2" of border around the image. Example: the overall (finished) size of a 20x30 print is actually 24x34. See above for our stretching service.

What size are test prints?

Test print size varies depending on the size of the final print. For small prints, a test may be a full image; for larger prints, the test may be a small full image or a strip. We use our best judgment to provide a meaningful test suitable to the order's requirements.

What size file are Custom Print scans? Can I get a copy of the scan?

Custom print scans are sized to the print dimensions you ordered; the scan is discarded after use. Optionally, we will save it to CDR for you for $12.50 per disk and put as many on the disk as possible, depending on your order.

What size file are Gallery Print scans?

Gallery print scans are sized for the print size you order and the scan is archived in our system for future printing without your original. For future reprinting at larger sizes please see our Archive Scans.

What is an Archive Scan?

When ordering a Gallery Print, we recommend purchasing an Archive Scan. Instead of scanning only for the print size you've ordered, we will scan, optimize and archive your image to a file large enough to reprint in sizes up to 44x60.

You have the security of having a high quality digital copy of your image stored in our system and future prints, even larger ones, can be ordered at the lower Gallery Reprint prices. 

Can we print Black & White images?

Yes. To a digital imaging system, a black & white image is simply an image that is all shades of gray. Even gray has color-tone, though. Looking carefully you'll see that any gray has tone that can vary from warm to neutral to cold.

What is color-management?

Color management is a standardized system of translating colors between devices (scanners, digital cameras, CPU's, monitors and printers) to maintain accurate color reproduction, from beginning to end, through the use of ICC profiles. Most photo and graphics professionals have now adopted ICC profiling to bring predictability to their digital output. A complete explanation is beyond the scope of this document.

File Setup information for all Giclee-Direct fine art prints.

Files should be saved at least 100 ppi (but no more than 150 ppi) at the final image size you want to print. More than 150ppi is not useful and makes files large and cumbersome. Always save your image data in standard color spaces, like Adobe1998 RGB, sRGB or CMYK(swop2) and tag the files accordingly. Never convert your files to any printer profiles.

Files for Giclee-Direct prints are imaged "as received" with no adjustments.

For predictable results, you must be using full color-management with Photoshop 6, 7 or CS and an accurately profiled monitor using one of our printer profiles for soft-proofing. These are basic tools required for preparing files when using this service and we cannot be responsible for poor results if your files are not fully color managed.

Only use our printer profiles for soft-proofing on your monitor.  One source of good information on monitor profiling is

Our Epson printers are extremely consistent day-to-day; you can fine-tune your color adjustments based on their output. Good color management requires experience but will yield very predictable prints.

Preparing artwork for scanning

Prices are for Camera-Ready flat art that can be photographed or scanned after routine positioning and removal of minor debris.  Art that needs special preparation before copying requires Make-Ready services. The additional time and materials required vary widely and must be custom quoted. In most cases we can provide a price quotation immediately after examining your flat art. We use all our experience and technical tricks to minimize the additional costs and we’ll suggest ways you can make your own art more “camera-ready.”  Make-Ready Evaluation Form (pdf)

Wet oils and acrylics, unfixed pastels and other unusually delicate art will be handled very carefully but we require a Wet Art Release acknowledging its particularly vulnerable condition and absolving us of responsibility for damage.

Is artwork insured?

Artwork with a certified appraisal is insured up to $5,000 per piece while in our possession. Additional insurance can be provided at additional cost. In the unlikely event of damage , the certified appraisal would be required by our insurance carrier to substantiate the artwork' s value. No claim can be considered without the appraisal.