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Gallery Policies

Mission:  Exhibit interesting and compelling art created with a wide variety of imaging and display techniques.

Chromatics 2nd Floor Gallery is well-known for presenting interesting exhibits and being very supportive of the local art/photographic schools and societies.

Thank you for your interest in our gallery.

Gallery Hours

9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Purpose of Chromatics Gallery:

We display a wide variety of art, grouped into interesting theme shows.

We rarely host one man shows. Preference for some shows is given to work from our professional customers who use our own imaging services. Most shows hang for 2-3 months.

Our ultimate goal is to present and enjoy artistic efforts from our community while nurturing imaging and art‑related business relationships.

Criteria for Acceptance:

All work displayed at Chromatics Second Floor Gallery is juried based upon relevance to the specific theme of a show, visual compatibility with other included pieces and quality.

Selections are based solely on these criteria while supporting the gallery’s curatorial purpose.

Reviews, Critiques, Appointments:

We cannot and do not provide walk-in portfolio reviews or live critiques.
Appointments are made to review submissions for specific shows, as required.

Preparing a Submission:

Submissions must include all the following
or they will be automatically declined:

  1. Artist's Bio

  2. CD with no more than 20 images, clearly labeled with your name and contact information.

  3. Files must be 1 MB or less (JPG, PDF and TIF files only)

  4. Name files with the initial of your first name and full last name plus the order in which the works should be viewed (e.g., J_Doe_01.jpg, J_Doe_02.jpg, etc)

  5. A list of image descriptions including medium, dimensions, title and year created.

  6. A link to the artist’s website, if applicable

  7. Current gallery representation or affiliation

Accepted & Declined Submissions:

Submissions labeled for specific shows will be notified by email whether they are accepted or rejected.

Unsolicited submissions receive no response unless selected for a show.

Due to scheduling and space limitations, it is not possible to accept all suitable works submitted.

Mail or Drop Off Your Submission:

Mail To:  Chromatics Second Floor Gallery, Attn: Jennifer Cornett – 625 Fogg St. – Nashville, TN. 37203

Drop Off:  Chromatics front counter or in the night drop box after hours.